Problem-solving with data & analytics

Discovery, analysis, and design of a solution for challenged data analytics, data science, and data platform initiatives. Deliverables include assessments, repeatable roadmaps and design patterns to address architectural and technical debt challenges. Our clients see reduced operational costs and analytics solutions that better meet business needs.


New or augmented products built-on data



Brings stakeholders from across the organization together leveraging design-thinking to build innovative data-driven products & solutions. Deliverables include plans and roadmaps which enable our clients to enter new markets, accelerate top-line revenue growth, and improve margins by creating amazing customer experiences.


Built-with-data digital transformation strategy

A common challenge organizations face is the speed of change in many dimensions of their business model. Clients expect more, partners expect more, competitors are innovating faster, governments are instituting ever more rigorous regulations. We will work closely with your leadership team to take a comprehensive evaluation of how to monetize data and outperform your competition.

  • Data Monetization
  • New Business Models
  • Talent & Organization
  • Information Privacy, Security, Compliance
  • Data & Analytics Maturity Assessment

Design-oriented strategy workshops deliver shared business and technology roadmap to win in fast-paced markets. Deliverables include strategic plans built on predictive models and corporate wide assessments addressing process, people, and technology. Our clients start the journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.


Data-driven business acceleration


Heceta Group partners with your organization to drive continuous improvement, transform your culture, to speed your journey towards being a leader in your industry. Our data-driven acceleration framework provides clients with a crisp view of the strategic and operational business terrain and the tools to speed business decisions that accelerate time-to-value.